Hsuan-Tien Lin, Maria Florina Balcan, Raia Hadsell and Marc’Aurelio Ranzato

NeurIPS 2020 Program Chairs

With Y-Lan Boureau and Hendrik Strobelt, NeurIPS 2020 Online Experience Chairs

And Hugo Larochelle, General Chair

We are now just a few weeks away from the start of the conference and we are very excited to announce the schedule and how NeurIPS 2020 will unfold. Back in June, we made the difficult decision that NeurIPS would be a virtual event. We invited two Online Experience Chairs to join the organising committee, and began to plan for a virtual rather than a physical meeting.

There are several challenges when organizing a virtual event. First and foremost, presenters and attendees are spread around the world, and it is difficult to have them all come together at a time that is convenient for everybody. There are further issues related to basic accessibility in areas with low bandwidth internet connection and accessibility to apps that are not permitted in certain geographic areas. Another major challenge is the lack of social interaction, since one of the major drives to attend a conference is to meet people and exchange ideas, and the experience of virtual attendees can be impoverished in comparison. Finally, there are challenges related to improving the user interface of the communication tools and teaching people these tools, and to be able to release the schedule well in advance so that people have the warning they need to plan their attendance. …

Pablo Samuel Castro (@pcastr) — Google Research

Neil Lawrence (@lawrennd) — Cambridge University

Yale Song (@yalesong) — Microsoft Research

EXPO Chairs NeurIPS 2020

The NeurIPS EXPO will be held on Sun, Dec 6, 2020, the day before the NeurIPS 2020 main conference tutorials. This is the third year of the Expo, which aims to showcase the industrial application of the research topics discussed during the main conference.

The tenets of the EXPO are:

  • Present what is taking place in the field of AI/ML research and applications generally.

Dr. Katja Hofmann, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, and head of the Game Intelligence group

Dr. Hugo Jair Escalante, Principal Researcher at the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), Mexico.

NeurIPS 2020 competition and demonstration co-chairs

It’s our great pleasure to announce the NeurIPS 2020 demonstration program. We particularly like this track of the conference. …

Katherine Heller (Google Brain) and Lester Mackey (Microsoft Research)

Diversity and Inclusion Chairs

While a virtual NeurIPS with reduced registration fees and no registration cap provides unprecedented access to one of the most popular conferences in the field, the new format and underlying pandemic present a host of challenges for diversity and inclusion (D&I). Obstacles include the

  • lack of available childcare,

In spite of these challenges, we are taking a number of important steps to support and improve D&I in the upcoming conference. …

Hsuan-Tien Lin, Maria Florina Balcan, Raia Hadsell and Marc’Aurelio Ranzato

NeurIPS 2020 Program Chairs

Now that the reviewing period is over, we would like to share with you some statistics and insights about the reviewing process we used this year.

We received 12115 abstract submissions, which resulted in 9467 full paper submissions. Compared to 2019, the number of submissions increased by 40%, which is very similar to the growth from 2018 to 2019.

After more than three months of hard work from our reviewers, area chairs and senior area chairs (thank you, all!!), we have accepted exactly 1900 papers, including 105 oral presentations and 280 spotlight presentations. …

Maria Skoularidou & Vukosi Marivate

NeurIPS 2020 Social Chairs

We are excited to announce that we are extending our call for social events until October 30th, 2020 AOE (anywhere on earth). We have had a number of wonderful applications, which are currently in review, but are extending the deadline to also reach more of our community.

The social events provide an excellent opportunity for those with a common interest to meet up, discuss, collaborate, argue, or celebrate. People are also encouraged to provide mentorship sessions, but many topics can work to bring members of the community together in an engaging and informal way. Given the unprecedented times that we are going through, we are happy to consider any creative idea. We solicit proposals on any scientific or non-scientific topic intended to enrich the community. Note that organizers of accepted socials are expected to register for the conference. …

Louvere Walker-Hannon (Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks)

Anoush Najarian (Software Engineering Manager, MathWorks)

Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan (Team Leader, RIKEN Center for AI project)

The Meetup Chairs

The Meetup Chairs would like to update you about NeurIPS meetups, an initiative pioneered at NeurIPS last year that we are excited to be building on. NeurIPS meetups are intended to construct a worldwide, distributed presence for NeurIPS.

The goal of this blog post is to share the revised format for NeurIPS Meetups 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new changes in the format are

  • The meetups are virtual only.

Hugo Larochelle

General Chair NeurIPS 2020

Conference registration is scheduled to open up September 15th. Although the last 5 years of the conference has seen record levels of unmet demand, the virtual format this year allows us to provide tickets “all come all served” with a reduced ticket price. No rushing to register or worrying about the lottery this time!

Registration is $25 for students and $100 for non-students. People can apply for financial support if needed. We won’t have a late pricing policy this year—early pricing will extend all the way through the end of registration.

Registration includes all conference content that is interactive (poster sessions, Q&A with presenters, workshops, demos and competitions, expo, socials). Notably, tutorials, keynotes and oral pre-recorded presentations will be made accessible to all, without requiring a registration. Video recordings of the poster presentations will be released some time after the conference as well. If you have any questions on registration, simply submit them on our registration help page. …

Marzyeh Ghassemi, University of Toronto

Julien Mairal, Inria Grenoble

Stefanie Jegelka, MIT

Sanmi Koyejo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & Google Research

We’re excited to announce the workshops for NeurIPS 2020! We received 167 total submissions — almost one and a half times more than last year. From this great batch of submissions, we accepted 60 workshops. We wish we could have accepted many more of these high-quality proposals, but could not for technical and organizational reasons. This year is the first time that the workshop selection process had to be so selective. …

Danielle Belgrave, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Bob Williamson

Tutorial Chairs, Organizing Committee NeurIPS 2020

Tutorials have long been an important part of the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference. They give us a way of highlighting important developing areas with high impact and bringing the community up to speed in what is happening in these areas. We are pleased to announce our selection of tutorials to be presented this year. Like the rest of the conference, they will all be presented virtually.

Earlier this year, we sent out a call for proposals and also wrote a blog post highlighting some points we proposed to use for evaluating tutorial proposals. We received a record total of 50 submissions. We thank the authors of these submissions for their effort and enthusiasm to contribute to the NeurIPS Tutorials Program. …


Neural Information Processing Systems Conference

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