Katherine Heller (Google Brain) and Lester Mackey (Microsoft Research)

Diversity and Inclusion Chairs

While a virtual NeurIPS with reduced registration fees and no registration cap provides unprecedented access to one of the most popular conferences in the field, the new format and underlying pandemic present a host of challenges for diversity and inclusion (D&I). Obstacles include the

  • lack of available childcare,
  • time zone mismatch amongst presenters and participants,
  • variability in access to high-bandwidth internet for constant video streaming, and
  • reduced ability to connect socially, brainstorm internationally, and cross-pollinate conveniently.

In spite of these challenges, we are taking a number of important steps to support and improve D&I in the upcoming conference. Concretely, we are

  • providing accessibility guidelines for speaker slides, posters, and recordings,
  • arranging for closed captioning on all live and streamed presentations,
  • delivering sign language translations for the plenary talks,
  • displaying self-identified pronouns alongside names on our virtual platforms,
  • reviewing representation among the NeurIPS chairs, workshop organizers, tutorial presenters, and invited speakers,
  • consulting on ethics questions in submitted papers,
  • monitoring adherence to the code of conduct, and
  • supporting the needs and amplifying the voices of our 8 affinity groups.

You can learn more about the efforts of each of our affinity groups on their websites:

NeurIPS will also be hosting events for those new to the field of machine learning:

We are deeply concerned about the challenges faced by all members of the NeurIPS community this year and every year, and we welcome any suggestions for improvements at diversity-chairs@lists.nips.cc.

Tweets sent to this account are not actively monitored. To contact us please go to http://neurips.cc/Help/Contact

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