Hsuan-Tien Lin, Maria Florina Balcan, Raia Hadsell and Marc’Aurelio Razato

NeurIPS 2020 Program Chairs

Due to continued COVID-19 disruption, we have decided to extend the NeurIPS submission deadline. by just over three weeks. The new abstract submission deadline is May 27th, and the new paper submission deadline is one week later, on June 3rd.

Our previous blogpost stated that we would not change the submission deadline because to do so would jeopardize inclusivity and attendance because of visa application times. The NeurIPS organizing committee is still hopeful about holding a physical conference in December 2020 if COVID-19 related risks subside over the coming months, but even in this best-case scenario we are committed to enabling inclusive participation via remote presentations and attendance.

This hybrid model (physical attendance alongside mixed with virtual participation attendance) will provide give attendees the flexibility they need to attend while feeling safe, and will enable us to postpone the notification date, latest by September 25th, and extend the submission deadline. Details about how the conference will actually operate, and whether it will be hybrid or fully virtual, will be determined once there is more clarity regarding COVID-19 risks and restrictions.

Note that the change to the submission deadline will not affect our review process and workflow, as the length of the review period remains unchanged. Therefore, we believe that the quality of the review process will not be compromised and we will not run the risk of missing potentially great submissions from authors who have been struggling during this extremely difficult time.

We hope that the new timeline will give some needed flexibility and relief to authors while, and also better accommodating resubmissions from related conferences with notifications in May (e.g., UAI and ICML).

We ask our community members to be generous with their time and availability. Even more so during this exceptional time, we need your help and support with reviewing — please consider confirming your availability or signing up here.

We wish our community and their families to stay safe and healthy.

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