Finalizing the program for NeurIPS 2019


This year, the NeurIPS conference will feature 4 parallel tracks of contributed presentations. With the growth in submissions, we determined that it was more appropriate to add an additional track to the three the conference had in 2018. The tracks will feature both oral (15 minutes) and spotlight (5 minutes) presentations, grouped together based on topic similarity. A survey was used to estimate the popularity of the various oral presentations, in order to determine which sessions should use the largest presentation rooms. But fear not, if a track overflows, it will be possible to watch the presentations online, either live through the livestream or afterwards on the recording.

Online discussion of papers on OpenReview

To further facilitate interactions between authors of contributed papers and the rest of the NeurIPS community, we are also encouraging researchers to discuss papers on the following OpenReview site:

Keynote speakers

In addition to contributed presentations, NeurIPS also features keynote presentations by recognized experts from various domains relevant to our community. Among these presentations is the Posner Lecture (in honor of Ed Posner, the first president of the NeurIPS Foundation). The Posner Lecture is usually reserved to a long-time contributor to the NeurIPS conference. The Breiman Lecture (in honor of statistician Leo Breiman, who served on the NeurIPS Board for more than 10 years) is dedicated to work in statistics relevant to the NeurIPS community. It’s common for the other NeurIPS keynotes to span a broad spectrum of topics, such as neuroscience, cognitive science, biology, data science, and many more.



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