NeurIPS 2021 Call for Competitions

What’s changing?

Not much! Hugo and Katja did an amazing job last year, and we hope to continue building on that. We’d like to try to make sure that the whole world is represented in the challenges that we organize, especially promoting causes that use AI to help the most disadvantaged people in the world. Technological advances in our field have the potential to disproportionately hurt the most marginalized people in society — including people of color, people from working-class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQ people. We believe that these communities must be centered in the work we do as a research community. Hence, we very strongly encourage proposals from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities, as well as proposals expressly designed to benefit these groups.

How does a competition work?

It’s quite simple, really: after the submission date, competition proposals will be reviewed and accepted competitions will be announced to the public in early May. Generally, the competitions will run from then onwards until the end of October. Competition organizers supply any necessary data and/or additional resources, and take on the job of making the competition a success. During the conference, competitions will have dedicated sessions where winners, organizers, and other participants can discuss the competition outcomes.

Where can I find the call?

The call is available here.
Submissions for proposals are now open on CMT.
Don’t miss the deadline on 31st March 2021 23.59 AOE!



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