Hugo Larochelle

General Chair NeurIPS 2020

Conference registration is scheduled to open up September 15th. Although the last 5 years of the conference has seen record levels of unmet demand, the virtual format this year allows us to provide tickets “all come all served” with a reduced ticket price. No rushing to register or worrying about the lottery this time!

Registration is $25 for students and $100 for non-students. People can apply for financial support if needed. We won’t have a late pricing policy this year—early pricing will extend all the way through the end of registration.

Registration includes all conference content that is interactive (poster sessions, Q&A with presenters, workshops, demos and competitions, expo, socials). Notably, tutorials, keynotes and oral pre-recorded presentations will be made accessible to all, without requiring a registration. Video recordings of the poster presentations will be released some time after the conference as well. If you have any questions on registration, simply submit them on our registration help page.

The conference program is still under construction, so stay tuned for more updates from our diligent organizing chairs!

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