NeurIPS Statement on Ethics, Fairness, Inclusivity, and Code of Conduct

The NeurIPS Foundation believes in the principles of ethics, fairness, and inclusivity, and is dedicated to providing a safe space where research can be shared, reviewed, and debated by the AI / ML community.

Having observed recent discussions taking place across social media, we feel the need to reiterate that, as a community, we must be mindful of the impact that statements and actions have on our peers, and future generations of AI / ML students and researchers.

It is incumbent upon NeurIPS and the AI / ML community as a whole to foster a collaborative, welcoming environment for all. Therefore, statements and actions contrary to the NeurIPS mission and its Code of Conduct cannot and will not be tolerated. For any conference attendee failing to abide by our Code of Conduct, NeurIPS reserves its right to rescind that person’s ability to participate in any future NeurIPS-organized events.

NeurIPS’ Code of Conduct clearly outlines prohibited behaviors and subsequent corrective actions in detail. As an organization dedicated to fostering open and productive dialog among the greater AI / ML community, accusations of bullying, harassment, and discrimination are given the utmost attention and care, and such behaviors will not be tolerated.